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Think about the moment that matters, design the experience that matters at that moment…

So… It’s very PINK this site… yet I’m not a girly pink person.
So why pink?

Colours in design and branding have meaning:

Pink represents care, calmness, approachability, female, politeness, healthy values, passionate, loyal, reliability, trustworthy.. nothing says more about customer service than bright warm pinks.

Go bold and bright and pink exudes youth, fun, energy, edge, and confidence.

Colour matters… what colour is your business?

What I can do for you…

The internet is an ever-changing huge digital platform. I design and manage individual digital platforms on the internet.  From websites to Facebook pages and from Google platforms to Email marketing, there isn’t much I don’t design!  The user of your digital platform wants to get to what they want quickly, easily and they want a good experience. Design matters, navigation matters, SEO matters but the user experience matters the most.  Impress your users and give them what they want.

I will also match any like for like quote.




Research, understanding your audience, designing for your user and answering their questions is key to creating great user experiences.

1 hour £35  

Brand Identity

Your brand identity is important, it is the visual that humans see first and remember.  Keep it simple and easy to remember.  Brand identity is key for building trust in your brand. 

Full Company Branding £140 

Website Design

Your website needs to be super fast, easy to navigate and give customers great user experiences.  Visual first but SEO friendly at the same time, websites that work for the user but also for Google. 80% of website visits are now from mobile devices.

Website Design from £575


Managed Cloud Hosting

Elastic scaling, High Availability, Fully Managed, Unlimited Page Views, 24/7 Support and Monitoring, LiteSpeed, Managed Backups, 100% Uptime SLA.

Hosting from £7 per month


Domain Names

Domain name registration included in any website design and management package. Any domain extensions are available from .org to .com or from .mobile to

Domain Names from £27 per year


I.T Support, Help & Training

24/7 I.T. Help and Support included with all my monthly management packages.

Training can be provided in a group setting or one to one for all Social Media, Marketing, WordPress and similar digital platforms.  Learn with me 🙂

I.T Support or Training £30 per hour


Logo Design

Your logo is the biggest part of your brand, invest in your brand, keep it simple, unique and set yourself apart from your competitors.

Logo Design £57



WordPress is the most popular website platform on the internet.  WordPress makes website design accessible to anyone, even people who aren’t developers.

WordPress Management from £35 per month



Your website needs to work with Google, look good and give a great user experience.  The balancing act is not always easy to achieve.  Google can’t see images, it is a digital platform, it only reads the text, which means the text behind your website needs to be Google friendly. This is called Search Engine Optimisation.

1 hour £35


Business Strategy

Technology and digital platforms can bring your business into the here and now.  Businesses can be more efficient and offer better customer experiences with modern technology. 

Consultation fees £30 per hour 

Social Media

Social Media is many huge digital platforms and can be overwhelming but that is where 80% of people are.  So that’s where your customers are.  If you are not using Social Media then you are missing out because your competitors will be using it.

1 hour £35


Email Marketing

Email Marketing is important to keep your customers or clients updated and keep your business fresh in their minds.  If they get a monthly reminder of your business it will build trust in your brand and they won’t forget you.

1 hour £35  

Generating New Ideas Solving Big Problems

I go above and beyond for my clients, nothing is too much trouble, you need something doing? I normally complete any small task within 24 hours


Satisfied Clients

Ongoing Projects

Cups Of Hot Vimto

Why am I different?

I’m a 40-year-old, professional female and I’ve been working with family, in a self-employed lifestyle since I was 18. Business admin and I.T very much at the heart of my career. I started life loving art, drawing especially, went to art college but noticed computers on the up and wanted in. In the days of dial-up, I was interested in the internet and anything technology-based. I grew up with a black and white tv, using telephone boxes, coming home before the street lights went out and playing with friends outside at a prearranged time and place so all technology excited me and I knew it was where I was meant to be.

In 1997, I had a dial-up connection, a pager and was data inputting for pennies. The internet and computers were my passion but art was still a massive part of my life. At 17, I knew I wanted to design websites and played around in my little flat. Self-taught, designing for friends and family, over all those years, I finally gained the confidence to start my own web design business. That was 2014 and I now have 83 clients and broad knowledge of hundreds of digital platforms. I grew up with them, learnt them as they developed. I remember the first search engines, I understand computers, the internet and design and although things have progressed massively, that vast knowledge and growing with the technology sets me apart from others. Along with my natural creative flair, I can make something look good but also work on the internet.

Would you like to see more of what I’ve done?

my Skills

I have many digital platforms skills and I have been using most of them for over 20 years, learning as they grew into the platforms they are today.

  • Wordpress – 90%
  • Google Business – 90%
  • Google Analytics – 90%
  • Facebook Business – 90%
  • MailChimp – 90%
  • Search Engine Optimisation – 90%
  • Adobe Illustrator – 90%
  • Adobe Photoshop – 90%
  • Adobe Muse – 90%
  • Twitter – 90%
  • Pinterest – 90%
  • Instagram – 90%
  • G Suite – 90%
  • Adobe Premiere Pro – 90%
  • Dedicated Cloud Hosting Server – 90%
  • Domain Name Management – 90%
  • I.T Support – 90%
  • Digital Research, Report, Consultant – 90%

Design your Digital Platform to Delight and Deliver!

From my Clients

Oglesby’s Funeral Directors

“Definitely a 5-star service. I imagine its quite difficult to drag an idea out of someone’s head when creating something for them. Luckily for us, this is something Nikki does with ease. She has created a beautiful website for us an and nothing has been too much to ask. We are particularly impressed with our online calculator which in our profession is quite unique, she knew exactly what we wanted and delivered it perfectly. We can’t wait to hear what our clients think and we would recommend Nikki without any hesitation. Thank you.”



“Nikki designed my companies website a couple of years ago. The ideas Nikki had during the initial meeting were brilliant and made the design process of the website easy for me as the business owner. The ongoing maintenance of the site is so easy with any changes being done quickly. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a new website.”

I try to keep all my clients, old and new, very happy, with 247 personal assistance and a 48-hour edit turn around.

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