Terms & Conditions

Please note all prices are PLUS VAT.

All packages allow 5Gb of space on my cloud server, it is usually plenty but in some cases, you need more.  Grow freely, easily and without interruption, at £1 per month, per 1Gb increase.

A monthly invoice will be sent once a site is live. *payment by standing order is preferred in advance on the 1st of each month for the following month.  ie, 1st Feb payment is for February*

Your monthly management fee is due every month, for as long as you wish us to host, manage, update and/or amend your website. Please note if you wish to host or manage your site yourself - you will have to continue to pay for the annual or monthly theme/plugin memberships or your design may break. [Package dependent]

You can upgrade or downgrade your package at any time or take your website business elsewhere.  No minimum contract term.  The minimum E-Commerce Package is the Basic Shop Package of £75 pm.

All amendments are completed in a one week timeframe unless we notify you of any holidays or absences.  

All our website setups are priced based on the assumption that they are hosted and managed by us on an annual or monthly basis so therefore it is necessary to look at our management packages - please ask for details.  

It usually takes a week to complete a basic website, depending on the requirements.  We have a waiting list currently.  Please ask for our next availability - We always try our utmost to meet any deadlines set, sometimes working through the night, if necessary.

Time Tracking and Costs Involved

Design is time-consuming and intricate work, we can spend as much or as little time as you would like but with all things, you get what you pay for.  We design bespoke, you won’t see our work elsewhere.  

How much will we require as a deposit?

*20% deposit/booking fee (non-refundable) applies. Upon the first draft of your website, an interim payment of 30% of the agreed quote is due. The final payment of the remaining 50% is due on the day your site goes live.  If payment isn’t received within 7 days your site will be removed from the internet until payment is made. Therefore if there are any issues with payment, it is important you speak to us as soon as possible.  Alternative payment terms, in some circumstances, can be arranged.

Spread the costs, interest-free

We do offer payment to be spread over 3 months so please get in touch if you require this.

How are our charges calculated?

The software on our computers track actual time working. Our charges are £0.70 pence per working minute or £42 per hour, on any type of work, during standard hours, and booked at least 1 week in advance.

Out of Hours Service

Our out-of-hours service and/or last-minute turnaround and/or close deadline service is charged at £1.40 per working minute or £84 per hour and available on a first-come-first-served basis.

Monthly Clients

Our monthly paying package clients get priority.  They also get cheaper rates or £30-40 per hour; package and contract dependant.  We very rarely invoice for the little bits that don’t take long. Sure they mount up but a business relationship is worth much more to us than a few extra pounds.  If anything takes over half an hour we invoice extra.

Monthly package clients can expect a 96-hour timeframe and turnaround on any small edits, at our agreed standard rate and during normal working hours; unless we notify of any holidays or absences.