Easy New Website Process with Us

Four-week, 10-step new website guide to my workflow. So you know what I’m doing and what you need to do next.

A website can be transferred, set up or designed in just 1 week but most people like a timeline or workflow to work with. Please contact me for availability if you need a website asap. I consistently have a 1-month waiting list and several websites on the go at the same time. I prefer to spread new work out so I can prioritise my existing monthly package clients.

Week 1 of New Website Design

At this point 20% deposit/booking fee (non-refundable) is due. 4 page website quote [eg. £675 *20% = £135 due.]

1. Any branding, if required, would come first, a subtle modern, fresh change would freshen things up [eg. +£87 would be added to your final invoice.]  I will brand all your social media platforms too if you give me access.  To have social media platforms set up and optimised it is [eg. +£40 per platform.]  This can include a Google Business account.  [Any extra work is added to your final invoice, if applicable.]

2. You put me in contact with whoever holds your domain name. This will need to be transferred to me so I can guide them or do it for them/you with login details.  Just copying me into an email is sufficient and I will take it from there. You can also hold your domain yourself if you prefer but I will need to confirm I have access.

Week 2 of New Website Design

3. I start a design on my server so it does not disrupt what website you have now. (Nothing will change until you are 100% happy to proceed. Your site would go live overnight (see step 9) so your visitors don’t get disrupted.)

Week 3 of New Website Design

4. I send you a draft for you to look at.  At this point an interim payment of 30% of the agreed quote is due. [eg. £675 *30% = £202.50 due.]

5. At this point you can tell me any changes, change text, change photos, whatever you like, just email them to me.

6. I complete any changes and carry out SEO.

Week 4 of New Website Design

7. I send you another draft which you will hopefully confirm is wonderful!

8. We set up any email addresses that you may need.  Your passwords and settings will change. I will guide you.  If you need any old emails you will need to take backups or forward them to another account before the next step.

9. I point your domain name at my server which hosts your new website overnight after I have amended links and settings.

10. I complete any submissions to Google and demote any old links with redirections in place.  

The final payment of the remaining 50% of my quote is due on the day your site goes live. [eg. £675 *50% = £337.50.] Your monthly management fee is also due on the day your site goes live [eg. +£35 due] and then on the 1st of each month thereafter; until you no longer wish to have a website with me. A standing order is preferred, and an annual invoice is sent via email each year.

At this point, you can then tell your old website people that they are no longer needed and your old site will be deleted.

Website Design Workflow

This workflow is for a business layout website on WordPress with 1-4 pages. Pages include a home page, about page, contact page and services page. In some cases your home page can hold your about and contact information, giving you room for individual service pages or even a blog. A blog is classed as 2 pages as the blog search results page and post pages will need to be designed individually.

The proof is in the pudding… pun intended 🙂 Click the image to view the entire website…

Example of a 1-4 page Business Website Layout