Colour Psychology

Colours have meaning.. 

Colours can make us feel a certain way?

The concept of colour psychology is well-known and looks at how our brains perceive what colours we see. According to this psychology research, colours can affect our emotions and mind. They can improve our mood, calm us, stimulate us and therefore even create pleasant or negative feelings. The influence of colours on our brain is constantly being used in the world of marketing.  We see accountants with brands that use shades of blue to give us those automatic feelings of trust. After all, we need trust to part with our money and financial background information. This is the thought process around Colour Psychology.

When I design anything, this is where I start, I ask myself what the user or the audience wants to feel. The next step for me is to then look at symbols associated with colours, for example, and very basic terms: a circle = sun = yellow/orange = warmth.

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